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Rental apartments Tilburg-Breda: Residentie Klein Zwitserland

On the site of our hotel we opened 21 magnificent hotel-apartments, with a choice out of unfurnished accommodations as well as fully equiped furnished ones with complete inventory. The apartment building is strategically located in Central Brabant, near the A58 between Tilburg - Breda and because of its location at the nature reserve, we gave it the eponymous name: Residentie Klein Zwitserland.

Are you looking for an appropriate rental apartment or studio in the Tilburg - Breda area for a short or longer stay? Then for temporary housing the fully equiped accommodations at Residence Klein Switzerland offer all possibillities! Absolutely ideal for eg expats.You can choose from various sizes (107m2, 144 m2, 163 m2 and 200m2). Both for a short stay as well a longer stay. We also have (in the hotel section) several studios with kitchenette, which are also ideal for long-stay nature (eg several weeks).

level of finishing and sizes

The 21 apartments are divided over four floors: 6 apartments souterrain, 6 on the first floor, 6 on the second floor and 3 penthouses on the third floor.Furthermore, we also have a fully furnished studio.They are of a high level of finishing and are all equipped with every desirable modern technology, complete kitchen with integrated appliances and luxurious bathrooms (whirlpools & rain showers). Some of the the apartments are fully upholstered and the remaining part is, in addition to that, fully furnished with complete inventory and all thinkable comfort features.

The units of the souterrain have a terrace with an adjacent garden, the apartments on the floors all have two or more balconies, depending on the type of apartment, with stunning views over the carefully landscaped gardens.

The size ranges from 107, respectively 140, 144, 163 m2 to 200-230 m2 for the penthouses (+ studio's from 30 - 45 m2). All upholstered or fully furnished with complete inventory. The apartments have two (some even three) bedrooms and two bathrooms mostly.

rental opportunities apartments / contact Us

The apartments can be rented for occupancy starting from a few nights / week / month to a stay of longer nature, with a choice out of various sizes and out of unfurnished (upholstered) apartments as well as fully furnished apartments with full residential inventory, such as washing machine, dryer, kitchen utensils, flat screens in the living room and bedrooms (with comfortable box spring beds), desks, cabinets, ultra-stylish decoration etc etc.

Residence Little Switzerland (which is the translation of ''Residentie Klein Zwitserland'') offers you all options if you are looking for an apartment in the Tilburg and Breda area in the province of North Brabant. Both as a private residence as well as for occupation because of career purposes (expats), as in the case of expatriates or interim staff officers from abroad.


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